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Hands-only CPR Explained

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Have you ever heard about hands-only CPR? Ever wondered what it is? Or how effective it is?… Well, you’re in luck! Because today is the day I am going to explain hands-only CPR. Hands-only CPR, which is also known as compression-only CPR, is probably better termed, “compression-only resuscitation” because it does not involve rescue breaths. (CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, …

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AED Training: What is it and how does it work?

In CPR, ProTrainings, Training by Katrina Scheer2 Comments

I get a lot of people asking me, what does AED stand for?…well, I’m glad you asked. AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. AEDs are designed to shock the heart, in order for the heart to begin beating with a normal rhythm.  The AED analyzes the heart’s rhythm, states whether a shock is advised, and then charges. The AED then …

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“Good Samaritan” CPR

In CPR, ProTrainings by Katrina Scheer2 Comments

Do your poor choices in the past disqualify you from making good choices in the future?…Does what you did yesterday define who are today or who you will be tomorrow? Sergio Leyva, an inmate in the LA county jail, learned he could redeem himself though something as simple as CPR. Back in August of this year, one of his correctional officers collapsed …

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Nurses Hit the Big Screen

In Nurse's Cafe by Katrina Scheer2 Comments

October 11th, 2012 marked the world premier of NURSES, If Florence Could See Us Now which debuted at the Regal Cinemas in Los Angeles. “Who knows nurses better than nurses? That was our thought when we took on our latest project of creating a film that paints a true picture of nurses today. From the bedside to the board room, this film explores …

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Marriage, Weddings &…CPR?

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Linda Modzelewski and her husband, Gerald, were attending a wedding a few months ago when she collapsed to the ground. She wasn’t breathing. “I don’t remember hearing or seeing anything after that,” Linda said. Gerald immediately dropped to her side and started performing CPR on his wife. He revived her twice, but when her heart stopped beating for a third time, …

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Personal Loss Fuels Commitment to Save Babies’ Lives

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Mending Hearts for IDK (which stands for Ian Delaney Koehl) is an organization based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, which seeks to effect change in their community. Their mission is simple: to train parents to confidently perform infant CPR. This passion was birthed from personal experience. Nita Koehl founded this organization at midnight on October 15th, 2010, after attending the Indianapolis Luminary for National Pregnancy …

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Nurses: We HONOR You!

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I read this article the other day from on how burned-out nurses are linked to more infections in patients and it broke my heart. It wasn’t the statistics or the research that were found, although those numbers are staggering as well. What made me sad was the fact that nurses all over the country are getting so burnt out taking care of US. …

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CPR in Sports: Baseball Umpire Saves Employee

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Jim Joyce, a veteran baseball umpire, had no idea what was in store for him when he was getting ready for a game between the Marlins and Diamondbacks in Arizona on Monday night. According to an article by Scott Miller, Joyce was walking out of his dressing room when he saw a game-day Diamondback employee having a seizure. He knew that he needed …