A Light Hearted Story About First Aid For Fainting

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I read a funny story today about a person who recently had first aid training and was eager to help someone if they fainted. While she was in church, this person saw someone crumple in her seat and the perspiring ushers had to lug her out. This lady rescuer, being fully trained and eager to help whenever possible, noticed that an elderly man sitting next to her was also starting to slump over. Having just been trained by her local chapter and knowing that whenever a person begins to feel faint he should put his head between his knees, the Good Samaritan began to guide the elderly man’s bald head with her hand and urged him to relax and put his head between his knees. The elderly man resisted and tried to sit up, but the woman rescuer insisted, all the while the man’s wife watched what was happening and worked hard to constrain her laughter. Again, the rescuer, knowing best how to help the apparently faint gentleman, began to push his head down towards his knees, all the while hissing, “it’s alright, I know how to help you, I’m trained in first aid.” This time, the man’s head slipped from the rescuer’s hand and the man shot straight up. “Lady,” he barked. “Will you be good enough to leave me alone? I’m just trying to pick up my hat!”

Original story told by Lenore Amerman, from the September 1955 issue of Catholic Digest.

Roy Shaw

Roy Shaw

Roy is the lead trainer and co-founder of ProTrainings. He is also an EMT paramedic whose opinions about rescue come from many years of experience on the ambulance. In his spare time, Roy is also the host of a video podcast called Roy on Rescue, a show where Roy lets his “Training Mask” slip a little and reveals some of the more personal things about himself and his business and training career.

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