A Life Saved this Morning… maybe Three!

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A Life Saved this Morning... maybe Three!Here is a case of CPR in action, working to save at least one life, if not three.  It’s a story that I wish never had to happen, but when it does, and it works out, it is phenomenal.

The next act of God was the fact that the mom was stepping out of the hallway and about to get in the car. I yelled to her that I had training and could help. She paused long enough to look at me and told the dad to wait.

I came to the passenger side of the car and took the baby from the dad. I checked her airway and heard her barely squeaking air out. I turned her over, gave her a couple of back blows and checked again. She was breathing full breaths. Nothing came out of her mouth, so I have no idea why she was only squeaking air.

I leaned down to check her airway again, and the little munchkin tried to push my head away. I knew at that point she was at least breathing and had a good pulse. I picked her up and told the dad to park the car, while his wife used my cell to call 911.

Read the whole story at Fiesty Charlie! I couldn’t find contact information for “Charlie” but we’d love to get her on an episode of iRescueRadio to talk about this, if she’s interested.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

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  1. Fiesty Charlie

    Wow… I check my stats page and ran across this! Thanks for spreading the story and the importance of CPR training and calling 911.

    Send me an email and we can discuss talking about it on iRescueRadio.

    Thanks again!

    Fiesty Charlie

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