8 Food Myths Busted

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Parade Magazine has compiled a list of common myths that people tend to believe.  All are fictitious.  If you would like to read the reasons why these are untrue, go to msn.com’s article on the subject.

Here are the 8 Myths:

  1. Certain foods can burn fat.Wrong! (mostly) – Only because you’re eating low-calorie, high-nutrient foods instead of crackers chips and cookies.  Celery is the only thing that contains less calories than it takes to consume. (via Snopes)
  2. It’s better to eat six mini meals than three squares.Incorrect! – As long as you’re eating healthy, both ways can work.
  3. Fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than frozen ones.False! – You may actually get more nutrients from frozen fruits and vegetables.
  4. Decaf coffee has no caffeine.Not True! – A regular cup of coffee provides 100-150 milligrams of caffeine.. decaf contains between 8 and 32 milligrams.
  5. Margarine is better than butter.Not! – Butter contains saturated fat, while margarine contains trans fats.
  6. Bananas are fattening.Wrong! – One banana is only roughly 105 calories (1/6th that of a slice of New York-style pizza) and they’re a good source of fiber, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6.
  7. Cravings are your body’s way of telling you it needs something.Not True! – Cravings are driven by emotions and psychology.  We crave foods that we enjoy and associate with pleasurable times.
  8. Cooking veggies destroys their vitamin content.No Way! – Cooking actually boosts your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients in some vegetables.

Once again, for the full explanations, visit MSN Health & Fitness.

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