4 Weight Loss Enemies

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Surprising as it may be, losing weight is not always the problem for people-it’s keep it off that’s difficult!  However, the  American Journal of Preventive Medicine study “pinpoints the four main lifestyle behaviors that cause former weight-loss winners to put the pounds back on.” For the study, researchers from The Miriam Hospital followed 3,000 people—all of whom had lost at least 30 pounds—for 10 years. At the end of the study, nine out of 10 of the participants had kept off at least 10 percent of the weight. The more weight they had gained back, however, they more likely they were to share some key habits:

Don’t Avoid the Scale.

Keep yourself inspired because you know that you look good and healthy. Hop on the scale, try those jeans on again that finally fit, whatever it takes to keep you motivated.

Don’t Overeat!

The reason why you’re at a healthy weight is because you didn’t overeat, so don’t go back now! Too many “splurges” can take their toll, so stay away from it!

Don’t Skip the Gym

Keeping your strength up is just as important as eating the right foods and the right amounts of food, and if you’re not gaining muscle, you’re losing it. Besides that, “exercising on the regular can help regulate your hormones, which can make it easier to resist that bingeing.”

Don’t Eat Too Much Fat.

Saturated and trans fats and really kill the healthy body you’ve been working so hard to make. Make sure to learn the difference between good fats and bad fats and eat the right things with good fats. Figure out an effective balance for you in keeping those unneeded pounds off and keeping that healthy body on board.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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