4 Chemicals That Could Be In Your Drinking Water

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According to recent research, there could be some dangerous chemicals in the water you drink. Also, he filter you currently use may not be getting rid of them. “Check your city’s annual water report and choose filters that are certified for removing contaminants in your area,” says Cheryl Luptowski, a home-safety expert for NSF International. Here are some of the main chemicals to watch out for:

If there are high amounts of arsenic in the water, then it’s actually on the same level as smoking tobacco for decades. In fact, even low exposure to “moderate amounts can impair lung function.”

This is a material that is found in water pipes, and it can cause a buildup of “amyloid beta, a protein that appears to spark brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease.”

It’s true that this chemical kills bacteria. However, when water is treated with chlorine, it can “combine with organic matter, like decaying vegetation, to form trihalomethane—a carcinogen in high levels.”

It’s possible for water to pick up lead when it travels through service lines(this is a particular issue if you home was built before 1950) “potentially risking increased blood pressure and kidney problems.”

Source: Women’s Health Magazine 

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    How do we know the ‘chemical free’ water available is really ‘certified’?

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